Gravenstein - Ripens early, short season. Sells out quick due to being one of the best culinary apples. Great for pies, cider, applesauce, cobblers, etc.

Jonagold Red - A truly superior apple for eating, sauce, pies and juice. Flesh is firm, crisp and juicy. Flavor is a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Those who choose Jonagolds find it hard to go back to common varieties.
Parents: Golden Delicious and Jonathan

Honey crisp - Developed at the University of Minnesota in 1974. It is sweet, juicy and firm which makes it an ideal apple for eating raw. Great for salads, eating, baking or cooking. Stores well in cool and dry conditions.
Parents: Macoun and Honeygold

Gala - Excellent dessert apple. Dense aromatic flesh with semi-sweet flavor. Keeps well. Developed in 1960 in New Zealand. Ripens early.
Parents: Kidd’s Orange, Red and Golden Delicious

McIntosh - Originated in Ontario, Canada in 1811. An eastern favorite. White, aromatic flesh. Somewhat tart flavor. Bakes well. Ripens in September in the Willamette Valley. Rates between very good to best flavor.

Braeburn - Rich, sweet-tart, spicy flavor is high impact. Aromatic, juicy, crisp and firm. Great for snacking and baking.
Parents: Granny Smith and Lady Hamilton

Fuji - Dense flesh that is sweeter and crispier than many other varieties. Very long shelf life. Holds its texture when baked. Excellent for baking and salads.
Parents: Red Delicious and Ralls Genet

Red Delicious
- Classic American apple. Crunchy with a mildly sweet flavor. Good in salads.

Granny Smith - Green, extremely tart, crisp, juicy and versatile. Grannies are a favorite for baking. They are also excellent for snacking and salads.

Melrose - One of the best eating varieties. A perfect balance of sweetness and tart flavors. The flesh is firm, snappy and juicy. Stores well. Good for pies, salads, juice and baking. A repeat favorite.
Parents: Jonathan and Red Delicious